Arcturian Mysteries of the Dodecahedron mp3s


In this approximately 3 hour recording of the Arcturian Mysteries of the Dodecahedron, we explore the sacred geometry of the Dodecahedron from the Arcturian perspective.  The Dodecahedron is the sacred template for the blueprint of the Divine manifesting through all levels of creation.  We start by learning how to utilize the shape of the Dodecahedron to manifest our goals and intention.  This aspect of the course will be both informative and practical.  We then move on to a unique energy

transmission called the Arcturian Dodecahedron Transmission.  As part of another course on manifestation, the Arcturians presented Gene with the Dodecahedron as a unique key for manifesting the Divine into the physical plane.  In this transmission, participants' consciousness and subtle bodies will be downloaded more deeply with the energetic and packed information regarding this shape and its use.  Finally, the class concludes with an Arcturian Dodecahedron Meditation.  Here, we will actively meditate with the Dodecahedron shape to empower and imprint this information throughout our entire energy field as well as four major energy points in our body [the first chakra above our head, the head, the heart, and the hara (belly)].  The meditation creates a unique consciousness energy tool to raise the vibratory rate of one's consciousness to other dimensional states.

Highlights of the evening include:

-Learning how to utilize the mysteries of the Dodecahedron to manifest from the Divine throughout all levels of creation (spiritual, causal, mental, emotional, etheric, and physical).

-Practical techniques you can use right away to manifest with the Dodecahedron.

-How the Dodecahedron Information Field can help you accelerate your spiritual growth.

-A unique and new transmission from the Arcturians specifically geared toward imprinting the information field of the Dodecahedron deeply into all your subtle bodies and consciousness.

-A daily meditation you can use that empowers the major energy points in your subtle body with the power of the Dodecahedron.  This meditation will include creating 4 Dodecahedron energy forms in your subtle bodies: 1) a clear quartz Dodecahedron at the first chakra above the head 2) a gold Dodecahedron at your head center 3) a rose pink Dodecahedron at your heart center and 4) an orange-red Dodecahedron at your hara (belly center).  The Arcturian Dodecahedron Transmission will further encode these subtle energy forms into your 4 power centers.

-Creating a uniques consciousness energy tool within one's subtle bodies to raise one's vibration to other dimensional states.

Cost: $45

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